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Arikilillenkilum ariyunnu njaan
A Romantic song by KJ Yesudas

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Muthe Muthinum Muthe - Swantham
❤ ♥ Ente Ponnumolkku vendi...... ♥ ❤

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priyane nee enne [HQ]
priyane nee enne

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The song from the album Pranayam sung by Shankar Mahadevan. Just luv the words, though the actor wasn't that great. Perfect love song! Enjoyy!

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ഇനിയേതു ജന്മം കാണും നമ്മള്‍ ... (fOr mY lOvE)
Album: Mantra (2005) Singer: Jyotsana Music : Ifthikar Ali

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Enninakiliyude - K J Yesudas
Enninakiliyude - K J Yesudas from Novel

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enthino thonniyoru ishtam
this one is good

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arikil illengilum
Singer: Gayathri, Music: M.Jayachandran, Lyrics: East Coast Vijayan a heart touchng gives to evryone who loved someone a diffrnt feeling....especially to those, whose lovers r miles away frm thm know hw it is to b so close in ur hearts yet so far frm each othr.....just close ur eyes nd enjoy the sweet words of this song :)

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Snehathin..Pappayude Swantham Appus (1992)
Singer: Yesudas Music: Ilayaraja Lyrics: Bichu thirumala Starring: Mammootty,Sobhana, Zeenath dadi,Master Badsha, suresh gopi

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Ithramel Enne Nee
ithramel Enne Nee Snehichirunnengil....

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thaxd thokal

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Niranja Mizhiyum
This song is realy awesomeeeeeeeee!! have searched a lot for this in youtube.. but never found one and so i thought of making one myself and upload...

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A beautiful song by Vidhu Prathap and Jyotsna from the album "pranayathin oormakal"

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Enthu Parannalum - Achuvinte Amma
The ultimate song...for a mother & daughter..a Tribute to my Mom and all Moms!!

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Thrikkodithanam Sachidanadan Songs | Parannu Parannu Parannu...
Album : Upasana Song : Parannu Parannu Parannu... Singer : Thrikkodithanam Sachidanadan Thrikkodithanam Sachidanadan Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi award winner, he was active in the field of Carnatic concerts in Kerala. Performing music concerts in temples, cultural centres and other public programmes, he covered nearly 1,000 stages. He was adept at singing melodious bhajans, folk music and old drama songs also. Sachidanandan also acted in the movie ‘Santham’ and in TV serials. He also composed music for various albums. He performed across the country and also abroad. For More Songs Please Subscribe Join us :

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En Poove - Pappayude Swantham Appoos
Enne vittakannu engo poya ente Appooosinu..

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Devadoothan - entharoo
Devadoothan- entharoo kannanneelima Disclaimer: The video clips are posted for viewing pleasure and as an archive for good old MALAYALAM songs. By this I don't wish to violate any copyright owned by the respective owners of these songs. I don't own any copyright of the songs. If any song is in violation of the copyright you own then, please let me know, I will remove it from Youtube.

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OLANGALKKAPPURAM Malayalam Musical Album
A journey of pure love.. Oru nadan Pranayam.. direction and music AKHIL S KIRAN | lyrics MAHESH GOPAL | singer NAJIM ARSHAD cinematographer NIKHIL S PRAVEEN | editor AJITH KUMAR P.S | story JOHN BINU | art SREERAJ | PRAVEEN PAVI | cast SREEKKUTTAN (CHANDU), and AKSHARA programming SHYAM KUMAR A.S | sound engineer JAYADEV | studio OSHIN GREEN, Kottayam | visualization PHOENIX FILMS Mattakkara.. our page : For Audio :

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Parayaan Maranna Paribhavangal
Paryaaan maranna paribhavangal Paryaaan maranna paribhavangal Paryaaan maranna paribhavangal Virahaardhramaam mizhikalorkke Smaranakal thirayaay padarum jaladhiyaay Smaranakal thirayaay padarum jaladhiyaay Pozhiyum nilaavu pol vivashanaay Paryaaan maranna paribhavangal Virahaardhramaam mizhikalorkke Alayoo nee chiranthananaay Alayoo nee chiranthananaay Saadhya meghame Nee varumapaaramee mooka veedhiyil Piriyaathe vidaraathadarnna Vithura susmitham Ga saga nisa pa.. Panisagaga sanisa gamapa gamapanisa saanipamaga nipamaga.. Eriyumeka thaarakayaay vazhi thelikkayo Paryaaan maranna paribhavangal Virahaardhramaam mizhikalorkke Pazhayoru dhanumaasa raavin Madha sugandandamo ..(pazha) Thazhuki hathaashamee jaalakangal Thazhuki hathaashamee jaalakangalil Pala yugangal thaandi varum Hrudhaya thaapam... Athilezhaam manal kadalil chirakadikkayo (parayaan)

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