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Grind Time Now Botb 5:

Grind Time Now BOTB 5 - BARS mp3
Some Grind Time emcees spitting bars outside Battle of the Bay 5 in Oakland, CA.

Grind Time Now BOTB 5 - behind the scenes footage - Oakland, CA mp3
Footage of my trip to Battle of the Bay 5 in Oakland!

Grind Time Now BOTB 5 - Bars part 2 mp3
Some emcees spitting bars at Battle of the Bay 5 in Oakland, CA.

Grind Time Now Presents: QuDawg vs Monk McNasty (GT Silver) mp3
GT Silver battle that occuced the day before BOTB 5.

Grind Time Now Presents: Scatterbrain vs Vokab (GT Silver) mp3
GT Silver battle that took place the day before BOTB 5. Hosted by Plexx Rock.

Grind Time Now Presents: Tommy Gunz vs Junta One (GT SIlver) mp3
GT Silver battle that occuced the day before BOTB 5.

Surgeon General - Talks About BOTB 5 - GT Rappers & More mp3
Surgeon General - Talks About BOTB 5 - GT Rappers & More.

Grind Time Presents: Everybody Knows & Sykull vs Reverse Live & Mic Phenom (Freestyle battle) mp3
Bridge City Battle 4: This battle was confirmed the day of the event and led to this delightful 2x2 freestyle battle. Everybody Knows and Sykull take on Reverse ...

Grind Time Presents: Ghambit vs Absyrd (GT SIlver) mp3
This battle took place at GT SIlver's first event. GT Silver battles count on emcees records, but due to the amount of emcees in the league we have to set aside a ...

Grind Time/ The Jungle Presents: CONCEITED VS ARSONAL BOTB 5 PROMO mp3
Reinactment of Muhammad Ali interview for the pre-fight against Sonny Liston in 1965. Conceited Ali vs Arsonal Liston promo for the Battle of the bay 5.

Lush One gives behind the scenes info on the final chapter of GRIND TIME WEST COAST'S longest running and biggest battle series 'BATTLE OF THE BAY' ...

Grind Time Now (West Coast): Madness vs DirtBag Dan mp3
A special event to help raise money for Dirt Bag and Madness to go to England to battle in Don't Flop. Originally for the BOTB 5 DVD we decided as the FRESH ...

Grind Time Presents: Battle of The Bay 5! (9 - 5 - 09) mp3
What's looking like it will be Grind Time's biggest battle to date is going down September 5-6, 2009 at the Oakland Metro. Here is the battle list: ORGANIK vs ...

Grind Time Presents: Drect daylyt verses mp3
Battle of the Bay 5: Drect traveled out to BOTB to battle LA native, Daylyt, but he didn't show up so he decided to spit his bars anyways.

Grind Time Now Presents: Detective Blacksmith vs Ghambit mp3
BAttle of the Bay 5: two of Cali's best newcomers try to prove they can step it up to the next level.

Grind Time Presents: BOTB5 Preview mp3
Battle of the Bay 5 Teaser. Featuring some of the most diverse battles ever filmed along with exclusive interviews and an in depth look into Dizaster vs Organik.

Rare, Old and Historical Battle Rap Pictures - Volume 1 mp3
Importance/Stories of notable photographs: TRex/Math - Higher definition photo of the battle. Calicoe/Marvwon/Charlie Clips - I believe this is from the same ...

Grind Time Presents: Marv Won vs Aye Verb Post Interview mp3
Battle of the bay 5: Intuition interviews Marv Won and Aye Verb after their battle.

The Rise and Fall of Grind Time - BATTLE RAP HISTORY mp3
What happened to Grind Time? By the time Grindtime started, battle rap had existed on camera for quite a while. Starting in the late 90s and early 2000s ...

Grind Time Now: MOB Day 2 mp3
Distant Relative and Company took a trip down to the bay area for Grind Time Now's MOB event!

Grind Time Presents: Pnut Verse mp3
Battle of the Bay 5: Pnut showed up to battle DNA but DNA was a no show, so Pnut spit a verse for the camera. Look out for Pnut vs DNA from Bad Blood ...

Binge Pilot - BOTB 5 mp3

Grind Time/Bar Exam presents: Alpha MC vs Keion Kasino mp3
Bar Exam 4: Alpha MC battles Keion Kasino in a highly anticipated match.

Surgeon General, Ghambit, and Conner Cocaine Cypher in Oakland at BOTB 5 mp3
Grind Time Vets Surgeon General and Ghambit along with The High and Mighty's Conner Cocaine freestyle at Battle of the Bay 5 in Oakland. Hustle House.

Yung ZM presents Grind Time All Star Weekend mp3
Look out for the Yung ZM mixtape, Grind Time All Star Weekend vol.1 dropping this weekend at Battle of the Bay 5!

Grind Time presents: THE JUNGLE - Sazoo vs Fredo (part 3) mp3
The final chapter in first clash of GT West and The Jungle in the Jungle format..

Grind Time Now: Special Announcement mp3
Grind Time West Coast announces their new president.

Grind Time Presents: Okwerdz Freestyle mp3
Okwerdz freestyle at BAttle of LA 2. Watch out for him vs Arsenal at battle of the bay 4!

Okwerdz TV: BOTB 5 (Hollow & Dumbfoundead freestyle, Aye Verb on GT & Battling Okwerdz) mp3 Okwerdz takes you behind the scenes of Battle of the Bay 5. Make sure you subscribe ...

A&B/GTN Presents: GHAMBIT vs TRUTH mp3

Grind Time Now: MOB Day 1 mp3
Distant Relative and company took a trip down to the bay area to attend Grind Time Now's MOB event!

Grind Time Presents: Remyd vs Moe Dirdee mp3
Grind Time Midwest battle at The Bassment in Chicago, IL on August 29, 2009 between Remyd from St. Louis and Moe Dirdee from Detroit.

Grind Time Presents: Revanon vs Sykull mp3
Battle from Battle of the Bay part 3 in Oakland, CA on February 28, 2009. After some words were exchanged between the two on the forum the two ...

Grind Time presents: THE JUNGLE - Sazoo vs Fredo (part 2) mp3
part 2 in a dope style clash..

GRINDTIMENOW NJ/ THE PANIC ROOM PRESENTS: Lance Calls Out Conceited + GTEC Announcements mp3
LottaZay talks about upcoming grindtime eastcoast battles & Lance calls out Conceited!!

Grind Time Presents: Buddy Lo vs SB Pt. 1 mp3
Battle from Grind Time East Coast #9 @ Forbidden City in NYC on August 1, 2009.

Grind Time presents: THE JUNGLE - Sazoo vs Fredo (part 1) mp3
Grind Time West Coast heavy hitter Fredo is the first GT emcee to compete in The Jungle format against veteran spitta Sazoo. A dope clash of styles.

Okwerdz vs Mac Lethal (Scribble Jam 2004 Rap Battle) mp3 classic scribble jam battle. had to put it on my channel unfortunatly the other version ...

GrindTimeNow.Net: PH vs Dumbfoundead Part 1 mp3
Visit us at: Battle of the Bay 5: PH (formerly Pumpkinhead) goes up against Koreatown/LA's own Dumbfoundead who will take home a ...

Grind Time Presents: Thesaurus vs Illmaculate Part 1 of 3 mp3
Battle of the Bay 5: This is it. The legendary match between WRC Partners and Scribble Jam champions, The Saurus and Illmaculate.

Grind Time Presents: Mic Phenom vs H - Bomb mp3
Two of GT NW's top emcees go at it - who will take it?

Grizzlemania Cypher - Grind Time Allstars mp3
After Grind Time's Grizzlemania at the Fusion Lounge in Orlando, FL. Hollow Da Don, Locksmith, Cortez, Sonny Bamboo, Illmaculate, Madness, Elete, Sara ...

Syd Vicious Sept 5 BOTB mp3
Syd Vicious outside of Apache Cafe on True School Tuesday.

Concrete Animals/Grindtime Nuborn Exposes Fox Unrealeased Footage mp3
Nuborn Releases never before seen footage of fox vs d wiggins before the actual battle @ B.O.T.B. 4 ..It wasnt looking so good for FOX. Once u see this it ...

Grind Time presents: The Jungle - Psyph vs Watts pt. 3 mp3
part 3.

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