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Vx Ss Exhaust:

VX SS Full 3" Exhaust rev mp3
Pacemaker 4 into 1 extractors with 3" collector then into twin 3" cats, with a full twin 3" Xforce Cat back with hot dog center mufflers. Also this video is out of date, ...

VX SS 2.5" catback mp3
2001 VX SS with Redback 2.5" catback with no rear muffler.

Hurricane 3 Inch Single Exhaust Install VX SS Commodore V8. mp3
Fitting and Road Test of a Hurricane 3 Inch Single Exhaust System onto a 2002 VX SS GEN 3 V8 Automatic Holden Commodore. Car has Pacemaker Headers ...

Vx ss ls1, manual, exhaust note, 3 inch mp3
Stock vx ss with a manta 3 inch stainless cat back hotdog centre tail pipe only, nice deep note,

VX SS Xforce twin 2.5 Exhaust mp3
This is my VX SS with twin 2.5 inch Xforce cat back system.

VX SS Exhaust mp3
Pacemaker 1 3/4 extractors, Ballistic 100cpsi cats and X-force twin 3inch.

Holden Commodore VX SS Exhaust Note mp3
Holden Commodore VX SS with Lukey tri-y headers 2.5" outlet to high flow 100 cell cats to twin 2.5" Redback catback with no rear box. Filmed with GoPro 2 so ...

VX SS Full Exhaust mp3
Holden VX SS ls1 exhaust 4-1 long extractors, high flow cats, hotdogs and straight tail pipes.

Vx Ss Exhaust mp3
Just a few shots of what my vx ss sounds like. Currently has a 2.5” supercat exhaust with pacemaker extractors. Will be upgrading to a stainless steel exhaust ...

holden vx ss dual 3" exhaust mp3
my holden ss 3" exhaust note. with other modifications.

Stock vx ss with only 2.5inch Xforce exhaust cat mp3
Completly stock standard 2001 series 2 vx ss absalutly stock standard with a cat back 2.5 inch Xforce system revving exhaust note dads bot too happy :)

VX SS Exhaust mp3
this is the exhaust that came with my car when i got it, i am thinking of changing to an Xforce 2.5" twin system, what do u think?

VX SS exhaust mp3
1 3/4 pacemaker extractors into de fillipo high flow cats into stainless twin 2.5 de fillipo catback.

2001 VX SS HOLDEN COMMODORE 5.7ltr LS1 V8 auto. Mods: OTR intake kit, chip & full exhaust system (headers included). Diff was very tight so may of had ...

VX SS exhaust note (on limiter) mp3
5.7ltr V8 with 4 into 1 Di Fillipo Extractors and twin 2.5" Red Back Exhaust System hitting limiter... Thanx to -MIDLAND MUFFLERS- 59 Mitchell St Shepparton Vic ...

VX Clubsport R8 Xforce Full Stainless Twin 2.5" Exhaust 2 mp3
VX Clubsport R8 Xforce Full Stainless Twin 2.5" Exhaust Metallic cats hotdogs testing the new system driving up and down the road.

VX SS Exhaust mp3
consists of twin 2.5 inch Xforce catback, 1 3/4 4 into 1 pacemaker extractors, otr and mafless tune.

My Vx ss exhaust note mp3
Vx ss with pacemaker extractors and colectors into twin 2 & half inch high flow cats snd twin 2 & half inch xforce exhaust.!!!

Vx SS exhaust mp3
Standard system with all mufflers removed now Straight through from cats back.

Commodore VX V6 2 Twin High Flow Cats Full Lukey Performance Exhaust mp3
Commodore VX Acclaim 2 with the following: Twin High Flow Cats on Full Lukey Performance Exhaust Pacemaker Tri-Y Headers/Extractors Koni Yellow ...

VX SS 2.5" cat back Xforce system no rear muffler mp3
02 VX SS with 2.5" Cat back xforce system with no rear muffler.

my vx ss no exhaust mp3
this is my vx ss it has a clubsport body kit and it has a NSW police programed ECU. it is off its head trust me PS. dont try and snap 2nd gear with 5 people in the ...

VX SS Exhaust mp3
VX SS S2 (Manual) Redback 'Cat-back' Exhaust.

VX SS LS1 Startup and Rev mp3
My LS1 VX SS Startup, idle and rev -Mafless tuned -4 into 1 Diffilipo extractors -Decat Pipes -Manta catback twin 2.5" exhaust system 1 muffler, the rest is straight ...

VX SS Exhaust mp3
Video of Vx ss exhaust.

Commodore VX S (V6) 2.5" Redback Exhaust, High Flow Cat & Extractors mp3
2000 Holden Commodore VX S V6 Exhaust specs in video: Redback STR120 - Front muffler assembly Redback STR124TP - Rear tailpipe assembly (Twin) ...

VX SS Full Exhaust, Ramjet & Tune = 231 rwkw mp3
VX SS Full Exhaust, Ramjet & Tune = 231 rwkw.

Commodore VX S (V6) Exhaust Note mp3
2000 Holden Commodore VX S V6 Exhaust specs in video: Redback STR120 - Front muffler assembly Redback STR124TP - Rear tailpipe assembly (Twin) ...

VT VX Commodore Exhaust mp3
People on Club VT/VX were asking about what exhaust setup is good for their car. I posted mine so maybe you could all get an idea, I didn't go past 3500rpm.

VX V6 Commodore Lumina Redback Exhaust After Hot Dog mp3
My VX Lumina Series 2 Commodore with a 2.5" catback exhaust system with a middle resonator to a 12" Redback Hot Dog then 3" VE SV6 Twin Tips It sounds ...

How to install a catback exhaust mp3
How to install a 2 1/4" catback exhaust system to a VZ commodore if you liked this video give it a thumbs up !

vx exhaust mp3
my vx berlina start up and reved.

VX SS Skid mp3
VCM6, 3.9 Diff, full exhaust, growler.

Holden VX V8 Commodore - DEA Performance mp3
Fitted with a XForce 2.5" Twin Exhaust system with hotdog tail pipes.

black vx ss no cats exhaust..AVI mp3
just a quick clip of my ss with cats that had up and left woops.

VX SS dyno run mp3
VX SS - 3 inch catback, headers, ziggy otr, custom mafless tune done by powertorque engines. End result, 228rwkw.

Vx Commodore Exhaust mp3
My vx with a 2.5" redback exhaust system on it.

Vx Ss with 100 cell cats and a twin 2.5" x - force exhaust with no rear muffler. mp3


Commodore VX Exhaust mp3
Before and after of my commodores exhaust!

Vx v6 no exhaust mp3
Obligatory no exhaust video.

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